Philip Molesworth State of Utah-DFCM

Thanks Darrin . I have enjoyed working with you and your Company over the Past  20 years every job we did and there have been quite a few and none have had any problems or issues and that is very rare .. Thanks for providing Me and The State This level of service .. Have Fun and Be safe and I will pass on My recommendation for You And L&L Mech

Dan Goulding - Rocky Mountain Trane

 "Trane has enjoyed a decades long business relationship with L&L Mechanical. It has been a pleasure to work with a very professional team who looks out for the best interest of the institution they're working for. L&L Mechanical puts the customer first.

We have noticed a consistent habit at L&L Mechanical of working to remove as much confusion as possible from the project before stepping on the jobsite. Their entire team is knowledgeable, very professional, and always has a kind word to say. Their use of excellent project management skill during the project is put to use to quickly solve any issue that arises. I've found the L&L Mechanical team to be honest and straightforward in all aspects of business and life. It has truly been a pleasure to work with such a great team."

Eugene Madsen Project Executive Hughes General Contractors

"For almost thirty years, I have had the privilege of working with L & L Mechanical, Inc. on various projects throughout Southern Utah. These projects have ranged from "hard-bid-projects" to complex, fast-track "design-build-projects" with the State of Utah In all cases, L & L Mechanical was able to deliver the projects on time and within budget and their efficiency in design and pre-construction as well as during the construction phase has been outstanding. I have especially been impressed with their trade workers, they are some of the most experienced and conscientious trade workers that I have been involved with, and their ability to perform all mechanical work; e,g. HVAC/Mechanical , Plumbing, Controls, etc in a "one-stop" shop is a significant advantage.

In addition to their superior quality of work and their experienced trade workers, we have found that all business aspects of this company are also honest, ethical, responsive, professional and timely. All construction documentation is always in order. Their responses to ASI's, PR's, COR's, etc were always within the time frame allotted, as well as the fact that all pricing for proposed changes were found to be fair and equitable. It should be noted also, that through the warranty period on any of the projects, then.; have been few calls; however, when warranty issues have arisen, L & L Mechanical has responded quickly and efficiently.

As a result of our experiences with L & L Mechanical, Inc., we at Hughes General Contractors, Inc., consider them as one of the best mechanical/plumbing contractors in the state and would highly recommend them without hesitation."

"I make it a priority that my clients are satisfied and happy not only during design and construction, but for years after their projects are completed." L&L Mechanical exemplifies this statement and I believe it to be true. I know that when I'm working with them that we have the mutual understanding that the success of the project is a direct correlation to the client's satisfaction in the quality of the project."

Ladd M. Birch P.E. Principal, Mechanical Engineer, VAN BOERUM & FRANK ASSOCIATES, INC.

"We have been working with L&L for many years. Those on our staff say that on warranty issues L & L Mechanical is the best. Over the years the team at L & L Mechanical has been excellent to work with. Their workmanship is the best and they keep change orders to a minimum. One nice thing about L&L is they always look out for the owner and are not afraid to call and talk about a concern on the job. L & L Mechanical is a very professional company and we look forward to working with them in the future."

Stan DeMille Gen. Maint. Supervisor Washington County School District

Doug Watts, President Watts Construction

"L & L mechanical and their CEO, Darrin Larkin is a company that I don't ever have to worry about. Darrin's experience, knowledge and sense of responsibility takes away any risk as it relates to any mechanical subcontract or experience I have with him. Darrin thinks big and I am thankful he is always competitive on the larger projects we do. He keeps up on scheduling and we never have problems. He is tops in the intermountain west as far as I am concerned."